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totheark is the YouTube username used by Masky, in which he responds to Jay's Entries with his own cryptic videos. Most of these have yet to be completely solved or even partially solved. It is assumed that he also posted Entry ###### on Jay's account.

His first upload was Regards, a response to Entry #9.

His latest video posted was Sidenote, in response to Entry #45

Masky was unmasked in Entry #35, revealing him to be Tim, a cast member on Alex's past amateur film, Marble Hornets. His motives for harassing Alex and Jay are unknown. His leg was also broken when Alex unmasked him, after Masky attacked Jay with a knife. When Jay was in the hotel, searching Jessica's room (before Jay found the tapes that showed Tim's leg being broken) Masky attacks Jay again, coming out of the bathroom. He walked with a slight limp. It is unknown what has happened to Jessica at this point.


Following is a timeline of any events totheark has been involved in, with most recent coming first.

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